Lisa Strube

author, intuitive guide & creative consultant


Lisa works as sensitive guide, self-care practitioner, and creative consultant helping others grow professionally and personally. Being, too, a non-fiction writer, she writes in a compellingly vulnerable and honest way. Writing came into her life by way of the exploration of self-healing through journaling.

Writing, reflecting, and expressing her authentic self helped her let go of and learn from her past, process childhood trauma, and deeply rooted emotional wounds. Authentic self-expression has been helping her since when it comes to allying herself with her highly complex digestive system, learning how to trust, love, and take care of her body, and redesigning a sense of home.

Slowly but surely, she has been recognizing that her body is her powerful ally that truly desires to heal. Our physical bodies are full of inner wisdom that can teach us. What we need to do is to stop looking for answers in the outside, and start looking inside to learn how to receive guidance from our intelligent bodies. This step not only takes courage but also deconditioning from everything our environment taught us that we have, mistakenly, believed to be true but is not in alignment with our very own truth.

Lisa holds space for those seeking to both connect with their true self and their life’s mission. She is here to aid you in freeing yourself from limiting beliefs and assists you in finding your inner voice and true nature by means of self-care on a body, mind, and soul-level. Equipping you with self-care tools, she helps you to return to your center. When working with you, she will take a look at your birth chart, your human design type, your life path number, and together you will discuss which self-care practices work best for you and could be realistically integrated into your lifestyle–say forms of creative expression, emotional work, journaling techniques, nutritional coaching, movement, or bodywork. 

By being able to truly see, hear, and listen to you, she recognizes your unique talents and gifts, and helps you to discover–and, eventually, live out–your full potential. Reach out to her if you seek personal intuitive guidance or creative ideas for your business. Lisa wants to see you rise and shine, and live an empowered life. She is happy to guide you in that quest for well-being and empowerment.


social media culture
self-care and wellness
writing and journaling
content curator and editor
community building and management

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